FUSP Papers and Technical Documents

Scientific Papers

updated 2 June, 2006
updated 28-Apr-2008

Hanle Effect - Theory

Ignace, R., Nordsieck, K. H., & Cassinelli, J. P. 1997. ApJ 486, 550. "The Hanle Effect as a Diagnostic of Magnetic Fields in Stellar Envelopes. I. Theoretical Results for Integrated Line Profiles"

Ignace, R., Cassinelli, J. P. & Nordsieck, K. H. 1999, ApJ, 520, 335. "The Hanle Effect as a Diagnostic of Magnetic Fields in Stellar Envelopes. II. Some Theoretical Results for Resolved Line Profiles"

Nordsieck, K. H. 2001 in Magnetic fields across the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, ASP Conf. Series Vol. 248, eds. G. Mathys, S. K. Solanki & D. T. Wickramasinghe (San Francisco: ASP), p 607. astro-ph/0106114 "New Circumstellar Magnetic Field Diagnostics"

Ignace, R., Nordsieck, K. H., and Cassinelli, J. P. 2004, ApJ, 609, 1018. "The Hanle Effect as a Diagnostic of Magnetic Fields in Stellar Envelopes IV. Application to Polarized P-Cygni Wind Lines"

Nordsieck, K. H. and Ignace, R. 2004, in Astronomical Polarimetry - Current Status and Future Directions, ASP Conf. Series, Vol 343 (ed) Andy Adamson, Colin Aspin, Chris J. Davis and Takuya Fujiyoshi, p 284. "The Hanle Effect in P-Cygni Wind Lines"

Technical Papers

Nordsieck, K. H., Marcum, P., Jaehnig, K.P., and Michalski, D.E. 1994. Proc SPIE 2010, p 28. (Wisc. Ap. 478) "New Techniques in Ultraviolet Astronomical Polarimetry: Wide-Field Imaging and Far-Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry"

Nordsieck, K. H. 1998 in Ultraviolet-Optical Space Astronomy after HST (ed M. Schull, A. Kinney & J. Morse) ASP Conf. Series 164, 268: San Francisco "The Far-Ultraviolet SpectroPolarimeter (FUSP)"

Nordsieck, K. H. 1999, Proc SPIE 3764, p 124. "Ultraviolet astronomical polarimetry: some results and prospects"

Nordsieck, K. H., Jaehnig, K. P., Burgh, E. B., Kobulnicky, H. A., Percival, J. W., and Smith, M.P. 2003, Proc SPIE, 4843, 170. "Instrumentation for high-resolution spectropolarimetry in the visible and far-ultraviolet"

Technical Documents

FUSP Experimenter's Data Package, Vehicle 36.173 UG (Target Beta, Zeta Tau) (Rev F, May 5, 2008)

FUSP Telemetry, Commands, and Electrical Interface Specification. (Rev H, April 7, 2006)

FUSP Design Review Presentation Viewgraphs (Nov 17, 1999)

FUSP Mechanical Drawings

FUSP Electrical Schematics

FUSP "Re-MIC" (08-May-2008, Wallops)