Be Star Atlas Observing Log Field Descriptions

Observing Log Field Descriptions

Name - Common name of object observed.

Date - Date of observation in the form YYMMDD (YY-Year, MM-Month, DD-Day). This date reflects a UT of local midnight.

JD - Julian Date - 2440000 of the beginning of the observation.

ExpT - Exposure time in seconds

HPOL UBVRI simulated filter polarimetry is HPOL spectropolarimetric data passed through simulated UBVRI filter bandpasses as shown below. The V-band Polarization data are presented in this table and displayed in the target plots. The V-band simulated filter wavelength range is roughly 4700A to 7000A.

V-%Pol - Simulated V-band Percent Polarization

V-%Err - Percent Error for Simulated V-band data

V-PA - Simulated V-band Position Angle of Polarization

HaEqW - H-alpha Equivalent Width

Vintr-Pol - Intrinsic V-Polarization; Interstellar polarization component has been subtracted

Vintr-PA - Intrinsic V-position angle; Interstellar polarization component has been subtracted

intr BJ(pol) - Intrinsic Balmer Jump Percent Polarization: high side, low side and the level of the red end of the Paschen continuum, just prior to the Paschen jump.

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