HPOL Filter Data Field Descriptions

HPOL Filter Data Field Descriptions

Target - Common name of target.

Date - Date of observation in the form YYYYMMDD (YYYY-Year, MM-Month, DD-Day). This date reflects a UT of local midnight.

If a triplot (Flux,%Pol, and PA) for this specific data is available clicking on the date will display that triplot.

MJD - Modified Julian Date of observation (MJD=JD-2400000.5). This reflects the time at the beginning of the observation.

ExpT - Exposure time in seconds

Wav1 - Starting wavelength of data (in Angstroms)

Wav2 - Ending wavelength of data (in Angstroms)

HPOL UBVRI synthetic filter polarimetry is simply HPOL spectropolarmetric data passed through a simulated UBVRI filter bandpass as shown below. UBVRI synthetic filter wavelength ranges are:

%Q - Stoke's Q parameter in percentage

%U - Stoke's U parameter in percentage

%Err - Percent error for data

%Pol - Percent polarization

PA - Position Angle of polarization

Pub - Reference code for publications if data is published, see List of Publications on HPOL Home page

Cal - Polarization calibration code for identifying specific calibration issues

Comments - Any remaining comments that may be specific to listed data

Triplot - Display triplot (Flux,%Pol, and PA) for specific date (if available)

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