SALT/PFIS Observer's Guide

3. Observing Modes

PFIS has three main instrument configurations. These enable three basic observing modes: Imaging, Grating Spectroscopy, and Fabry-Perot Imaging Spectroscopy. Additionally, PFIS employs polarization optics allowing for each of these observing modes to have a polarimetric sub-mode.

3.1 Imaging

3.2 Grating Spectroscopy
3.2.1 Grating Complement
3.2.2 Longslit Complement
3.2.3 Order-Blocking Filters
3.2.4 Multi-Object Spectroscopy
3.2.5 Spectropolarimetry

3.3 Fabry-Perot Imaging Spectroscopy
3.3.1 Etalons
3.3.2 Efficiency

3.4 Polarimetry
3.4.1 Waveplate Modes
3.4.2 Efficiency

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