SALT/PFIS VPH Spectroscopy Simulator


SALT/PFIS VPH Spectroscopy Simulator
G0900 G1300 G1800 G2300 G3000
Central Wavelength: nm Grating Angle: degrees
Blue limit: nm
Red limit: nm
Detector Gaps: From nm to nm and from nm to nm
Slit Width: arcsec Resolving Power (@CW):
Zenith Seeing: arcsec Slit Throughput:
Efficiency Plot:
Note: VPH efficiency curves are computed using the rigorous coupled-wave (RCW) analysis. The efficiency does not take into account the throughput of the anti-reflection coatings, which will vary somewhat with grating angle, nor the internal transmission of the dichromated gelatin in the VPH grating. The plots show the center and edge wavelengths (vertical dashed and solid lines, respectively). The plots also show the RCW efficiency multiplied by the system throughput and detector quantum efficiency.