SALT/PFIS Photographs

South Africa Activities: Reassembly

26 April 2005:

The next steps in the alignment are the fold mirror and the field lens.

25 April 2005:

After a period of working on getting baffling in and testing the waveplate insertion and baffling area, we were ready to install the collimator optics. The main collimator group was inserted.

15 April 2005:

The dolly was reassembled and moved into SAAO's PFIS assembly room. We then lifted the structure out its box and got it into the room and onto the dolly.

14 April 2005:

The PFIS boxes arrived in Cape Town today (all but the laser cutter). Thirteen boxes in all. They were driven to SAAO from the airport on the back of a flatbed truck and lifted via the shop crane onto the loading dock.