SALT/PFIS Photographs

Mechanisms: Articulation

29 October 2004:

Below is the articulation rail, upon which the camera cradle rides. At the ends of the rail are shock absorbers as a backup. In the picture below right the detent rail is attached showing the station positions for the camera. The station at the far right is the "home" station, used in imaging and Fabry-Perot modes, corresponding to an articulation of zero degrees.

28 October 2004:

Details of the mechanism and wiring as seen before lifting the camera onto the cradle. The picture on the left shows the motor (blue box left of center) and the pneumatic detent (below and right of center).

27 July 2004:

The articulation cradle has been black anodized, reassembled and rewired. A test jig was fabricated to test the articulation independent of the PFIS structure. Below are movies of the first tests of the articulation, showing the firing of the pneumatic detent and the movement from one station to another.

10 March 2004:

Wiring has begun on the mechanisms that are attached to the articulating cradle. Below are shown the vane sensors for the articulation home position and end of travel.

17 December 2003:

Below is shown the articulation motor, gearbox, and brake attached to the camera cradle.

26 November 2003:

The weldments for both the articulation mechanism, the camera "cradle", and the grating server mechanism have arrived. Below are a few views of the weldments after they were bolted together.

Detail of the bearing:

Detail of the attachment for the pneumatic detent:

Detail showing support struts necessary to maintain flexure specification:

Flexible encoder tape for the accurate determination of the camera articulation position: