SALT/PFIS Photographs

Mechanisms: Slitmask

19 April 2004:

Below are pictures of the slitmask elevator stage with the cable wrap attached and rewired.

12 April 2004:

Most of the pieces of the slitmask mechanism have returned from being anodized. Below are pictures of the slitmask magazine (with the redesigned mount shown in the middle picture) and the slitmask/field lens assembly.

23 December 2003:

Today we performed the first high-level operation of the slitmask mechanism. With one command, a slitmask was retrieved from the magazine and inserted into the focal plane area. Another command was sent to stow the slitmask in the magazine and return the elevator to its home position.

Slitmask fetch test (MPEG:1.6Mb)
Slitmask stow test (MPEG:1.6Mb)

26 November 2003:

The slitmask mechanism is fully wired now, except for the barcode reader, and will soon be tested. The testing has waited on the wiring of three of the electronics boxes. The setup is shown below:

26 September 2003:

The fabrication of the slitmask mechanism has been progressing over the last couple of months. Mike Smith has assembled the mechanism on a special jig to test the alignment of the pieces and eventual operation by the control software.

The whole slitmask mechanism assembly. The magazine is on the right, the elevator stage in the middle, and the focal plane assembly (for slitmask alignment) is at the lower left.
A closeup of the focal plane assembly. A dummy slitmask holder (outer envelope is accurate) is placed in the focal plane by a pneumatic piston.

The slitmask carriage rides on the stage and has a second pneumatic for insertion and retrieval of the masks from the mask magazine. Here the dummy slitmask holder is shown stored in the magazine, where it is held firmly against the back with a magnet.

Closeup of the finger that grabs the individual masks and carries them into the carriage.

Along the side of the magazine is a strip of metal with cutouts for optical vane switches (not shown). These will indicate when the carriage is accurately at a station so that the slitmask holder may be inserted or retrieved safely.

20 May 2003:

Stage for slitmask elevator: