SALT/PFIS Photographs

Optics: Slitviewer Mirrors

17 December 2003:

SV2 was sent back to TORC to be modified and has returned. It now meets the specificied size and shape. All the slitviewer mirrors are ready to be shipped to South Africa.

05 December 2003:

We finally received the slitviewer mirrors from Tucson Optical Research Corporation, after having been coated at Spectrum Thin Films.

SV1 is a flat. SV2 and SV4 are concave spheres, both with 668 mm radii of curvature. SV3 is a convex sphere of 334 mm radius of curvature. These form an Offner relay that redirects the light from the reflective longslit to SALTICAM.

Unfortunately, SV2 was not made to specification. It should have had the edges chopped so that it was only 166 mm across one dimension; instead it is a 220 mm diameter circle.