WISP Papers and Technical Documents

Scientific Papers


Gibson, S. J., Holdaway, M. A, .Nordsieck, K. H., 1995 Bull.Am.Astron.Soc, 27, 1349. "Neutral Gas Associated with the Pleiades Reflection Nebula"

Gibson, S. J., .Nordsieck, K. H., 1996 Bull.Am.Astron.Soc, 28, 892. "Dust and Gas in the Pleiades Reflection Nebula"

Gibson, S. J., 1997 Bull.Am.Astron.Soc, 29, 1258. "Gas and Dust in the Pleiades Reflection Nebula"

Gibson, S.J., 1997 Thesis (University of Wisconsin, Madison). "Gas and Dust in the Pleiades Reflection Nebula"


Nordsieck, K.H., Cole, A., Gibson, S.J., Harris, W. 1996 Bull.Am.Astron.Soc. 28, 757. "Polarimetric Imaging of the Ultraviolet Diffuse Light in the Large Magellanic Cloud".

Cole, A. A., Nordsieck, K. H., Gibson, S. J., Harris, W. M., Wood, K. 1997 Bull.Am.Astron.Soc, 190, 0205. "The Dusty Disk of the Large Magellanic Cloud revealed with Ultraviolet Imaging Polarimetry"

Comet Hale-Bopp

Harris, W. M., Nordsieck, K. H., Scherb, F., Mierkiewicz, E. J. 1997 DPS, 29, 3208. "Photopolarimetric Observations of CI(1657 Angstroms) and Dust Continuum Emissions from Comet Hale-Bopp with the WISP Sounding Rocket"

Harris, W.M., Nordsieck, K.H., Scherb, F., Mierkiwicz, E.J., Morgenthaler, J.P., Oliversen, R.J. 1998 Bull.Am.Astron.Soc, 30, 1071. "Multispectral Studies of CO Production from C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp)"

Technical Papers

Nordsieck, K.H., Marcum, P., Jaehnig, K.P., and Michalski, D.E. 1994. Proc SPIE 2010, p 28. (Wisc. Ap. 478) "New Techniques in Ultraviolet Astronomical Polarimetry: Wide-Field Imaging and Far-Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry".

Technical Documents

WISP Experimenter's Data Package, Vehicle 36.172 UG (Target UVX7)

(Rev H, Apr 6, 1999)

WISP Telemetry, Commands, and Electrical Interface Specification.

(Rev E, Oct 19, 1998)

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