WUPPE Atlas of UV Polarimetric & Spectral Data

The Wisconsin Ultraviolet Photo-Polarimeter Experiment (WUPPE) was a pioneering effort to explore polarization and photometry in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. WUPPE was one of three UV telescopes on the ASTRO payload which flew aboard the NASA Space Shuttle during a 9 day mission in December 1990 and a 16 day mission in March 1995. During both missions WUPPE obtained medium resolution linear spectropolarimetry of a variety of astronomical objects, including distant stars to study the interstellar medium, hot stars, stars with circumstellar material, interacting binaries, novae, solar system objects and active galaxies. During Astro-1, WUPPE made 98 observations of 75 targets. 33 observations resulted in useable polarimetric data (as well as spectroscopy); an additional 41 pointings provided UV spectra only. During Astro-2, WUPPE made a total of 369 observations of 254 targets. 150 pointings resulted in some polarization result (31 of which were contaminated by scattered light >2100A). 47 pointings gave spectra only (18 of these pointings have some scattered light contamination).

Polarimetric (& Spectrum) Results (121 Objects,183 observations)
Spectrum Only Results (65 Objects, 77 observations)

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Quicklook Atlas Plots of WUPPE and Optical Polarimetry (1400A-11000A)

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Unpolarized Objects Interstellar Medium Objects Interstellar Medium Objects

Unpolarized Objects

Interstellar Medium

Interstellar Medium
Interstellar Medium Objects Interstellar Medium Objects/LMC Interstellar Medium Objects

Interstellar Medium

Interstellar Medium/LMC

Interstellar Medium
ISM,Interacting Binaries Wolf-Rayets WRs,Supergiants

ISM,Interacting Binaries


Supergiants,HAe/Bes,B[e]s Oe/Bes Oe/Bes



Novae,CVs Symbiotics,Refl Nebulae Solar System

Novae, CVs

Symbiotics,Refl Nebulae

Solar System
Non-Stellar Objects Nebulae,Spectra Only Spectra Only

Non-Stellar Objects

Nebulae,Spectra Only

Spectra Only
Spectra Only

Spectra Only
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