AIWG    Astro Investigators Working Group 
AOS     Acquisition of Signal
AST     Astro Star Tracker 
BOS     Bright Object Sensor
CCD     Charged Coupled Device 
CCTV    Closed-Circuit Television 
DDS     Data Display System
DDU     Data Display Unit 
DEP     Dedicated Experiment Processor
DI      Discrete Input 
DMA     Direct Memory Access 
DO      Discrete Output 
EC      Experiment Computer 
ECAS    EC Application Software 
ECOS    EC Operating System 
EEROM   Electrically Eraseable Read Only Memory 
EGSE    Electronic Ground Support Equipment 
EM      Engineering Model 
EOS     End of Scan 
F/A     Filter/ Aperture 
FM      Flight Model 
FO      Functional Objective 
GML     General Measurement Loop 
GSE     Ground Support Equipment 
GSFC    Goddard Space Flight Center 
HDPT    Hard Point 
HITS    High-Rate Multiplexer Input/Outpu Test System 
HRM     High-Rate Multiplexer 
HUT     Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope 
HVPS    High-Voltage Power Supply 
IE      Item Entry 
I/F     Interface 
IIA     Instrument Interface Agreement 
IMC     Image-Motion Compensation 
I/O     Input/Output 
IPS     Instrument Pointing System 
JSC     Johnson Space Center 
KSC     Kennedy Space Center 
LOS     Line of Sight, Loss of Signal 
LVDT    Linear Voltage Displacement Reducer 
LVPS    Low Voltage Power Supply 
MCP     Micro-Channel Plate 
MLI     Multi-Layer Insulation 
MPE     Mission Peculiar Equipment 
MS      Mission Specialist
MSFC    Marshall Space-Flight Center
O&C     Operations and Checkout 
OOL     Out of Limits 
PCU     Payload Checkout Unit 
PFK     Program Function Key 
PI      Principal Investigator 
POCC    Payload Operations Control Center 
PS      Payload Specialist 
PZT     Piezo-Electric Transducers
RAM     Random Access Memory 
RAU     Remote Acquisition Unit 
RIU     Remote Interface Unit 
ROM     Read Only Memory 
SEID    Spacelab Experiment Interface Device 
SPCDS   Spacelab Payload Command and Data System 
SPD     Spectrometer Detector 
STE     Special Test Equipment 
S/W     Software 
TBD     To Be Determined 
TDRS    Tracking and Data Relay Satellite 
TEC     Thermo-Electric Cooler 
TML     Total Mass Loss 
UIT     Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope 
WAC     WUPPE Activation Display 
WCO     WUPPE Checkout Display 
WED     WUPPE Sequence Edit Display 
WNG     WUPPE Engineering Display 
WOB     WUPPE Observation Display 
WUPPE   Wisconsin Ultraviolet Photo-Polarimeter Experiment 
ZOD     Zero-Order Detector