WUPPE observations of Supernova remnants WUPPE PROGRAM CLASS 4.4


UW Astronomer: Joni Johnson

Observations of several supernova remnants were made by HUT and UIT. The targets (which are the hot gas blown out of the star, and gas swept along in the interstellar medium) were too faint for WUPPE to obtain polarimetry, but some spectra were gotten.
Some of the spectra of the Vela supernova remnant were used in a paper written by HUT team members with collaboration by Dick Edgar & Wilt Sanders of the WUPPE team.
Other spectra may be used in future papers by members of WUPPE or the other teams.

For the UIT observation of the remnant of SN1987A WUPPE (and HUT) observed a star nearby. This will be analyzed along with observations of other LMC stars.