Astro-1 WUPPE Target List - Column Headings:

OBJECTID = The Mission Target List name. The names are common to the HUT, UIT and WUPPE instruments.

PTG-ID = A 6 digit number representing the object identification number which was assigned during Astro1 mission. Each shuttle pointing had a unique Pointing ID number.

P = Indicates which Astro-1 instrument was prime (H=HUT, W=WUPPE, U=UIT).

SP/TYPE = Spectral Type/Object Type

EXP = Total Useable Exposure time (seconds)

PQ = Polarization Quality (G=Good,F=Fair,P=Poor,N=None)

PP = Polarization Result Possibility * (?G=Good,?F=Fair,?P=Poor,N=None) * assuming a Lyot instrumental polarization calibration is done

FQ = Flux Quality (G=Good,F=Fair,P=Poor,N=None)

POL = Mean %Polarization over the entire wavelength region.

ERROR = Mean %Error

PA = Mean Position Angle (degrees)

A = Aperture Used (Ap 1 = 40 arcsec("); Ap 2 = 4.2" ;Ap 6 = 3x12"; Ap 7 = 3x50" ; Ap 8 = 6x12")

I = Image Motion Control (IMC) (0=OFF, 1=ON, 2=Out of Limits)

DAY = Observed during the day and/or night.

R = Publication Reference.

JD = Julian Date - 2,448,200 of the start of the observation.

METSTART = Mission Elapsed Time (MET) of the start of the observation, where the launch day (MET=0/00:00) occurred in 1990, day 336/06:49:01.

GMTSTART = GMT start time.

TIME = Time of Observation (mm:ss)

RA = Right Ascension (1950) in degrees.

DEC = Declination (1950) in degrees.

DAYOBS = Date of observation (mmddyy)

REMARKS = Remarks about observation/reduction