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OBJECT: 28 Taurus (28TAU)
Other names: HD 23862, Pleione
ID # 2236

UW Astronomer: Karen Bjorkman

28 Taurus is found in the constellation of Taurus, a prominent constellation found in the winter sky. Taurus is easily recognized by a bright V-shaped group of stars.

28-Tau is a very late spectral range star and has a high v sin i. It is a shell star, thereby giving a good indication of the effect of spectral type on the iron (Fe) line depolarization in shell stars. It is also a potentially good candidate for detecting the effect of gravity darkening on the continuum UV polarization. This star is known for strong shell outburst events, although it is currently not active.

The Interstellar Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) has data of Pleione in both Be and Be-shell phases, and WUPPE data will support these results.