University of Wisconsin

Space Astronomy Laboratory



OBJECT: 48 Persei (48 PER)
Other names: HD 25940
ID # 2239

UW Astronomer: Karen Bjorkman

48 Persei is a Be star located 140 parsecs (pc) away in the constellation of Perseus. Perseus can be seen in the northern hemisphere mid-latitudes. The stars of Perseus for a V-shaped constellation, with its curving west side extending almost to the Pleiades cluster in Taurus. 48 Per has a mid-spectral type (B4). 48 Per is listed as a pole-on star, not as a shell star.

Since this star should have relatively little intrinsic polarization, being pole-on, its observations were analyzed along with the other stars in the WUPPE interstellar medium polarization program. See our paper in AJ 112, 2726 1996.