Wis UV spectropolarimeter & HD5980 Object: HD5980
ID #2282
UW Astronomers: A. Weitenbeck, G. Fox

This star is a binary consisting of a Wolf-Rayet star and an O star, with orbital period of about 19 days.
In the late summer of 1994 the star underwent an outburst: it brightened by about a magnitude in visible light, and emission lines which indicate expanding gas appeared in the spectrum. (See IAU Circulars 6099 & 6102.) This seems to be caused by one of the stars (probably the W-R) blowing off some more gas than usual.

WUPPE and HUT obtained a simutaneous observation, and WUPPE made three more observations by offsetting to it while HUT was observing three targets in the cluster NGC346 about 3' away.