Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Safety Analysis


Jeffrey W Percival

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Version Date Comments
1.0 18-Mar-2003 CDR Version

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This note presents the safety analysis for the Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph (PFIS) subsystem of the Southern African Large Telescope.

We present the analysis in outline form:

X.n Undesirable event

In numbering the events, we choose X from this table:

Code Category Description
A Catastrophic Failure may result in severe injury, death or major damage to the telescope
B Critical Failure may result in minor injury and also interruption of telescope operation for more than one week
C Marginal Failure may result in interruption of telescope operation and cannot be repaired the same night
D Negligible Failure may result in interruption of telescope but can be repaired the same night


Document References
Document # Name
1000AA0030 SALT Safety Analysis
3300AE0011 SALTICAM Safety Analysis

The referenced documents present the project's safety definitions and the Safety Analysis Procedure. We will not reproduce them here.


Catastrophic events

A.1 PFIS dropped in handling

A.2 PFIS falling into telescope

A.3 Tools & components dropped into telescope during maintenance

A.4 Electrical Shock

Critical Events

B.1 PFIS Catching Fire

B.2 Etalon and Grating Collision

B.3 Articulation Arm Runaway

B.4 Major Electronics Failure

B.5 Damage to Optics

Marginal Events

C.1 Pneumatic Failure

C.2 Minor Electronics Failure

C.3 Shutter Failure

C.4 Motor Failure

C.5 Fiber Communications Failure

C.6 Control Lost to Hackers

Negligible Events

D.1 Slitmask, Grating, Filter Magazine Jam

D.2 Computer Failure