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This is a tabular description of PFIS allowed and forbidden science modes. A longer description is available. Also shown are the OCDD names for these modes. OCDD modes with an asterisk (*) will be commissioned by the PFIS team..

Imaging Spectroscopy
Normal Readout

Filter - standard imaging OIUN*

F-P - one etalon step per readout OFUN*

Pol. - one waveplate position per readout MILN, MICN

F-P + Pol. - one etalon step, one waveplate position per readout MFLN, MFCN

Long Slit - standard spectroscopy SGUN*

Multi-Slit - standard spectroscopy MGUN*

Long Slit + Pol. - one waveplate position per readout SGLN*, SGCN

Multi-Slit + Pol. - one waveplate position per readout MGLN*, MGCN

Frame Transfer

Filter - fast, half-height frames MIUH

F-P - fast, half-height, narrow band frames

Pol. - not possible MILH

F-P + Pol. - not possible

Long Slit - can shorten slit for faster frames SGUH*

Multi-Slit - can shorten mask for faster frames MGUH

Long Slit + Pol. - not possible SGLH, SGCH

Multi-Slit + Pol. - not possible

Charge Shuffle

Filter - use open loop

F-P - faint-object, narrow-band, use short, wide field, scan repeatedly through wavelengths OFUV

Pol. - fast prism spectro-polarimetry

F-P + Pol. - fast narrow band polarimetry

Long Slit - telescope nodding, faint object

Multi-Slit - telescope nodding, faint objects

Long Slit + Pol. - fast spectro-polarimetry

Multi-Slit + Pol. - fast spectro-polarimetry