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Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Critical Design Review


Modification Record
Version Date Comment
1 03-Mar-2003
2 04-Mar-2003 Add Wed & Thu activities
3 10-Mar-2003 Add time for private discussion
4 24-Mar-2003 Finalize


Tuesday, 18 March 2003
Time Activity
08:30 Coffee & Pastries
09:00 Introduction (Nordsieck)
09:10 Optics (Nordsieck)
10:10 Opto-Mechanical (Schier)
11:00 Mechanical (Smith)
12:00 Lunch* (Memorial Union)
13:30 Detector (O'Donoghue)
14:00 Control (Percival)
14:30 Budget & Schedule (Nordsieck)
15:30 Break
16:00 Private Session
17:00 End of CDR
18:00 Informally Arranged Dinner(s)

*The Memorial Union will provide lunch. The lunch is a deli sandwich assortment (ham & swiss, pastrami, vegetarian provolone). Served with fresh fruit salad, pasta salad, potato chips, condiments, assorted cookies & cold beverages. There are other food outlets in the Union if you need to fend for yourself.

Wednesday, 19 March 2003
Time Activity
09:00-17:00 Informally arranged meetings (only day for Alan Schier)
18:30 Soiree at Chez Sparke*. Mingle with and get to know our South African partners.

*Linda's address:
1927 West Lawn Avenue (one street north of Monroe Street; cross street is Prospect)

Thursday, 20 March 2003
Time Activity
09:00-16:00 Informally arranged meetings
16:00 Champagne party at SAL. Mingle again with our South African partners.
18:00 Informally arranged dinner(s)