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Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Critical Design Review


Modification Record
Version Date Comment
1 19-Feb-2003
1.1 20-Feb-2003 Added conf#s for SA folks
1.2 25-Feb-2003 Added conf#s for reviewers
1.3 03-Mar-2003 Added Richard Griffiths
1.4 04-Mar-2003 Added conf# for Alan

Most folks are at Lowell Hall. Here is a campus map. Lowell Hall is at right center, near the edge of the page. It's the rightmost building on the map.

First Last From email Arrive Depart Hotel Confirmation #
Sam Barden NOAO 3/17/2003 3/18/2003 Lowell Hall 122838
Matt Bershady UW-Astronomy

Bruce Bigelow OCIW 3/17/2003 3/19/2003 Lowell Hall 122783
David Buckley SAAO 3/17/2003 3/25/2003 Lowell Hall 122453
Eric Burgh UW-SAL

Richard Griffiths Carnegie Mellon 3/17/2003 3/18/2003 Lowell Hall 123060
Gary Hill U. Texas 3/17/2003 3/19/2003 Lowell Hall 122839
John Hoessel UW-Astronomy

Leon Nel SALT 3/17/2003 3/21/2003 Lowell Hall 122455
Ken Nordsieck UW-Astronomy

Darragh O’Donoghue SAAO 3/17/2003 3/21/2003 Lowell Hall 122454
Jeff Percival UW-SAL

Alan Schier Pilot Group

Mike Smith UW-SAL

Gerhard Swart SALT 3/17/2003 3/21/2003 Lowell Hall 122456
Ted Williams Rutgers 3/17/2003 3/18/2003 Howard Johnson’s did his own