SALT/PFIS Photographs

PFIS Assembly: Calibration

13 May 2004:

The calibration setup is shown here with the fresnel lens in place. The fresnel lens is made of UV-transmitting acrylic and the distance between the lens and the lamp is set to be the focal length of the lens. The top surface of the lens is a diffusing surface, which gives an very even illumination across the entrance pupil of PFIS.

These parts will be black anodized before usage with PFIS.

To the left is a picture looking down at the fresnel lens being illuminated by the Neon pencil lamp. There is some vignetting near the edges of the field, but overall the illumination is very good.

19 April 2004:

I have completed a trial assembly of the calibration setup. The three long poles hang down from the guider interface on PFIS and the triangular plates hold the various lamps, etc. The picture on the left shows the fiber-optic backlight mounted with the quartz tungsten halogen lamp feeding it. To the right is a closeup of the QTH lamp feeding the fiber bundle through a neutral density filter.

12 April 2004:

The first of the fabricated calibration setup parts have come back from the shop. To the right is a picture of the pencil lamp mount. The hole on the top with the recess and circular bolt pattern can hold neutral density filters.

The block can be positioned so that the light exits horizontally, feeding the fiber bundle of the fiber-optic backlight, or vertically, into a fresnel lens and diffuser.