SALT/PFIS Photographs

South Africa Activities: Delivery to SALT

30 September 2005:

The truck arrived at SALT and we started offloading. The door into the SALT building was not large enough to accommodate PFIS inside its crate, so the crate had to be dismantled first. Then the truck was backed through the door. The dolly was lifted and then PFIS lifted onto the dolly. PFIS is now in its new home. A visual inspection of the lenses shows no obvious damage, so we are hopeful that everything survived transport successfully.

The truck outside of SALT

Dismantling the crate

PFIS fits through - barely

PFIS lifted with the SALT dome crane

PFIS in the spectrometer room

29 September 2005:

A 12-meter air suspension flatbed truck was ordered for the transport of PFIS to SALT. However, the flatbed was so high that we didn't have the clearance with the crane to get it onto the truck. We had to order a forklift to put it on. The forklift could only put the crate on with its long side across the truck, so the crane that came on the truck with the forklift was used to rotate the crate 90 degrees. Then the rest of the equipment was loaded onto the truck. The truck headed out towards SALT, but stopped partway there and delivered on 30 September 2005. So, PFIS left Cape Town exactly 24 weeks after it arrived.

The flatbed truck

Air suspension

Finishing the top of the crate

PFIS fully crated on the crane

Truck with forklift and crane

Forklift picks up PFIS

Tense moments with PFIS in the air

PFIS forklifted onto the truck

Rotating the crate

Forklifting the dolly

The fully loaded truck

28 September 2005:

We turned off the instrument and starting warming up the detector on Monday. On Tuesday we had to pack the spectrograph. A local company called Cape Crating built the crate that PFIS would be housed in for the transport. At the bottom of the crate we placed the steel ring on which the structure was originally sent to us from Rutgers. Getting PFIS into the crate required removing the temporary wall in the lab, rolling out into the shop area and lifting the instrument with the overhead crane. We had to attach the ballast to balance it while it was hanging on the crane.

Lifting the steel ring onto the crate

The temporary wall was stubborn

Moving the temporary wall

PFIS rolling out

Attaching the ballast

PFIS lifting off

Setting down on the ring

PFIS in the crate

Wrapping PFIS in bubble wrap

PFIS fully wrapped