SALT/PFIS Photographs

Mechanisms: Etalon

19 April 2004:

Testing jig for the etalon mechanism. We have tilted the mechanism by 37 degrees and measured the deflection of the etalon to be within specification.

13 April 2004:

The etalon mechanism has been jigged for initial testing. The dummy etalon, received from Rutgers and modified to match the current etalon mass, is inserted in the holder. Below are shown the etalon in the inserted (left) and removed (right) states. However, the pneumatic that will be used for the insertion is not shown.

The etalons are held in place by the pneumatic, but they are kept from rotating while cantilevered by a ball and socket fixture with only 5 microns clearance (shown in the closeup on the left). There is one on each side of the etalon.

12 April 2004:

Below are pictures of the etalon mount. There will be one of these for each of the three etalons. Only two etalons will be mounted on PFIS at any time and can be inserted into the light path by pneumatics (not pictured).