SALT/PFIS Photographs

Mechanisms: Filter

28 April 2004:

The filter mechanism has been jigged up on the articulation cradle and tested. To the right is a movie (7.3Mb) of the magazine moving to the station in which the filter frame resides and the pneumatic pulling the frame into the beam.

10 March 2004:

Further machining and assembly on the filter mechanism has progressed. Below are pictures of the mating flange between the camera and the detector, which also houses the filters. The filters will be pulled out of the magazine and into this flange along the rollers. The picture on the left shows the camera side of the flange, and the right shows the side to which the detector bolts.

Below left is a closeup of the flexured rollers. Below right shows the filter holder partway along the rollers. The movement will be attained through the use of a pneumatic cylinder.

Below are pictures of the front and back of the filter magazine. On the back side are the station indicators. On the front can be seen the sliding baffle.

05 December 2003:

Below is Mike checking the fit of the sliding baffle for the filter mechanism. Also shown is a sample filter frame.

26 November 2003:

Here is the filter magazine, with slots for 20 filters: