SALT/PFIS Photographs

Mechanisms: Grating

26 April 2004:

The electronics and pneumatics have been set up and tested for the grating mechanism. Below are movies of the insertion (left) and removal (right) of a grating frame. In the insertion movie, the grating magazine is moved to a valid position before insertion.

10 March 2004:

Wiring has begun on the grating mechanism and the other mechanisms attached to the articulating cradle.

10 February 2004:

Assembly of the grating mechanism has been progressing. The rails for the magazine have been attached and the magazine rides smoothly on it.

Below left is a closeup of the fixture that holds the grating in place when the pneumatic is fully inserted. The fixture allows for the grating to rotate in place as well as have some flexibility so that the pneumatic isn't constraining the grating position; that is acheived through the knife and ball detents shown farther below. Below right is a closeup of the rail and mounts for the magazine.

17 December 2003:

More assembly has progressed on the grating mechanism. Below Mike stands next to the camera cradle, onto which the grating mechanism is being assembled.

Below are a closeup of the rotation stage with a grating holder in place and a view from above of the grating insertion pneumatic and magazine sliding motor.

Left: Grating holder.

Right: Detail of positioner with groove for the knife detent (shown in a picture below).

26 November 2003:

The grating magazine, with positions for six gratings:

The rotating frame that will hold the gratings, mounted on the rotator stage:

Details of the grating positioning system, including ball detent at the bottom and knife detent placement on the side.