Updating ST5000 Software Modules

Change Log
Version Date Comments
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 06-Jun-2005 Add altboot & hyperterm items

The ST5000 comes pre-loaded with its software modules. The modules are:

If Jeff Percival issues new software, here is how you install it. We'll assume you have the ST5000 executables in a folder on your host computer.

Set the ST5000's IP number to something appropriate for your LAN. See this for details.

  1. Start Conditions:
  2. Connect the ST5000 to your LAN.
  3. Boot the ST5000 in "altboot" mode. Press the CPU-reset button, then hold down the "escape" button until the first burst of clicking noises stops.
  4. On your PC, start an ftp session:
    # ftp st5000-ip-number (log in as st5k)
    > cd /home/st5k
    > binary (selects binary (raw data) transfers)
    > prompt (turns off interactive mode)
    > mdelete *.exe
    > mput *.exe
    > quit
  5. Disconnect the ST5000 from your LAN.
  6. Connect to the comm port using a terminal program, such as Hyperterm.
  7. In hyperterm, type these commands:
    # cd /home/st5k
    # sh chmod.sh
  8. Do an orderly shutdown:
    # shutdown -b
  9. Turn off the ST5000.