ST5000 BIOS Settings

A new CPU needs to have its BIOS changed a bit. Install the VGA card, add a monitor and keyboard, and reboot with the Delete key held down to enter Setup mode.

Standard Settings
Time hh:mm:ss Date mm:dd:yy
Memory 32 MByte Keyboard AT key
Floppy Drive 1 1.44 MB Serial Port CN7 RS232@3F8h
Floppy Drive 2 None Serial Port CN8 RS232@2F8h
Video State VGA/EGA Parallel Port SPP/BPP@378h

Boot Device Floppy

Hard Disk 1 Type Not Installed

Hard Disk 2 Type Not Installed

Hard Disk 1 Table ignore this

Hard Disk 2 Table ignore this

Advanced Setup
SSD Socket U1 BIOSEXT@E800 Chipset Error On
SSD Socket U2 None Memory Error On
SSD Window E800h Video Error Off
IRQ3 Source Serial CN8 Keyboard Error Off
IRQ4 Source Serial CN7 Floppy Error Off
IRQ5 Source LPT Hard Disk Error Off
IRQ7 Source Disabled RTC Error Off
Shadow C000-C7FF Disabled Clock/Bus Speed 33.3 Mhz
Shadow C800-CFFF Disabled ECP DMA Channel 0
Shadow D000-D7FF Disabled <Del> for Setup Enable
Segment E000 Map PC/104 Bus Fail Safe Boot Disable

Note: when you exit the Advanced Setup and then do the "Save Changes and Exit", you will see this:

Error: SSD window and BIOS Extension window must differ.

Ignore this. Really.