ST5000 Flight 36.256 (PI Bailey, Virginia Tech, PolarNOx)

Launched from Poker Flat Research Range

The ST5000 Flight Summary

Here is the compressed video playback (VOB format, straight from the DVD, an inverted view. It's really wild, showing the air glow layer, a bright aurora, a brief meteor, and a satellite moving in from the left as Spica sets.

We have an unedited, inverted version in mp4 format.

We also have an edited, properly oriented m4v file.

Here are some events in the edited m4v file:

  1. 0:00: Door opens, stars are streaking across the sky
  2. 0:08: Rocket brought to rest via gyros, ST5000 calculates the inertial attitude
  3. 0:15: Rocket begins move to calibration target
  4. 0:24: Settled in on the calibration star
  5. 0:30 Start the move to target
  6. 0:39: Arrive at Spica, behind the air glow layer and an aurora
  7. 2:30: Approximate apogee, based on Spica's height above air glow layer
  8. 3:10: Meteor enters the frame, lower left
  9. 4:24: Satellite enters the frame, lower left, moving towards Spica
  10. 4:44: Spica sets behind the limb of the Earth
  11. 4:54: Door closes