astronomy lab exercises & related CURRICULUM MATERIALS

In teaching employment I have generated materials for use in astronomy & physics courses. Here are some ideas which have gotten into print. For more information on these or others, ask me.

Angular Momentum Conservation in Double Star Orbits: A Laboratory Exercise. Amer Journal of Physics, 56, 309, 1988
More Useful Double Star Orbits. AAPT Announcer, vol 20, No 2, 51, 1990
More Useful Double Star Orbits II. AAPT Announcer, vol 33, No 2, 121, 2003 Paper

An Astronomical Illustration of the Zeeman Effect. Physics Teacher, 28, 511, 1990

An Astronomical Laboratory Exercise using Relativity Theory: 3C295. (senior author) Bull Amer Astron Soc 17, 395, 1985

Jupiter and Its Moons. The Science Teacher, Vol 58, No 1, p 64, Jan 91. (senior author)
I still have some extra slides of the figure which could be given away.

Spectra of spectrum standard stars observed with HPOL have been plotted. Some of these stars were observed for that purpose, others are HPOL observations made for other programs.
These plots were made to have standards for classifying stars with HPOL observations but poor spectral types; however, it appears they may have value for classroom use, either as illustrations, or as a part of a lab exercise. For this purpose some unknowns and stars with unusual spectra are also included.
More stars may be added to the lists as observations are reduced.

Three Great Ideas contributions:
A Visual Double Star Orbit. Great Ideas for Teaching Astronomy (West Publishing), p 69, 1989
The Scale of the Local Group. Great Ideas for Teaching Astronomy Second Ed, p 93, 1994
Three in One Timesaver. Great Ideas for Teaching Physics, p 12, 1991