"Theory, of course, is all right, but observation and measurements are basic." P. van de Kamp, The Invisible Planet, 1965.

"I believe the beginning course should be taught by an older person, because when you have been at it thirty years or so you understand the limitations of beginners." P van de Kamp, op cit

"The Earth is a nice, stable platform, for a telescope." P van de Kamp, op cit.

NOTE: The above quotes need to be delivered with a Dutch accent. The Invisible Planet is a 30 minute movie, made for some public TV (NET in those days) show shortly after van de Kamp's announcement of the Barnard Star planet(s). Features Mr Wizard (not in his role as Mr Wizard) as host. An excellent video for high school or college astronomy classes (properly prepared).

"There are no stars on a potato farm." C. Yastrzemski