astronomy talks
ASTRONOMY TALKS (suitable for public groups)

'What We Did on ASTRO-2': discuss how the WUPPE team worked on the ground during the mission, controlling the instrument along with NASA personnel and the astronauts in orbit, with a little discussion of the astronomical observations we made.
Need to show slides, & is useful to show a 10-15 min video. If the video is shown, takes about 60 min to do it properly. Versions of this have been given to public groups, high school classes, and colleges.

'Comets': general discussion of comets
is useful to show slides, though it might be done less well by simply using large pictures..

I also have sometimes done a talk titled something like "Some Neat Stuff I Picked up at the AAS Meeting" and shown off posters & pictures which were being distributed by NASA and other research organizations at a recent American Astronomical Soc meeting.

I also have spoken on impact structures on Earth.
Need to show slides if the group is large. If the group is small (a dozen or less), large pictures might be used instead.

Other topics, on request.

Can also do 'Some Results from ASTRO-2', a somewhat more technical presentation.

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