Omi Cas HD4180 B5IIIe V=4.54 vsini=220 km/s d=278 pc

FITS files: ftp HPOL reticon Omi Cas data


Plots containing all the HPOL reticon observations

(2 HPOL Polarimetric Observations from 1989-1994)
P vs Time %Pol vs Time PA vs Time PA vs Time Q vs U Q vs U

Information on Individual HPOL reticon observations

Omi Cas HPOL reticon Observing Log:

                                                                                     intr BJ(pol)
Name     Date     JD     ExpT   V-Pol(%) V-Err(%) V-PA(deg) HaEqW Vintr-Pol Vintr-PA high low  red
Omi-Cas  931207 9328.71  2048    1.254    0.011    81.7
         931211 9332.64  6554    1.271    0.002    82.5

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