Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Wiring Diagrams


Modification Record
Version Date Comment
1 25-Feb-2003 Initial release
1.1 05-Mar-2003 Update PXI items
1.2 25-June-2003 Move to new 4-box scheme
1.3 06-Aug-2003 Update PSC2 layout
1.4 12-Aug-2003 Minor typo updates
1.5 29-Jun-2004 Add CPLD schematics
1.6 03-Nov-2004 Add Enviro & Htr dwgs
1.7 12-Jan-2005 Add PSC1 Xilinx files
1.8 02-Feb-2005 Add PSC2 Xilinx files
1.9 19-Apr-2005 Add PC Board Silks
1.10 17-Jan-2006 Add encoder relays and splice kit
1.11 13-Jun-2009 Fix PSC2 Motor/Relay links
1.12 28-Oct-2009 Add solenoid and fuse changes
1.13 10-May-2012 Add Assembly Drawings

Assembly Drawings

Electronics Block and Wiring Diagrams

CPLD Interlocks Schematics

CPLD Xilinx files