Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Generic Mechanism Specification


Jeffrey W Percival

Modification Record
Version Date Comment
4 20 Aug 2002 correct E5D part number, use AD590 can package
5 13 Sep 2002 change the home sensor
6 13 Feb 2003 add slitmask station mockup
7 22-Dec-2004 fix encoder & motor links

This note specifies the generic mechanism to be built up during the PFIS critical design period.


The goal of the mechanism lab is to provide a bench test environment for prototyping control software and testing various types of actuators and sensors. This will give us confidence in making decisions about the design of PFIS mechanisms.

The main areas to be addressed are:


Here is a list of items for the mechanism lab:

Electronic Fabrication

Electronic fabrication will be limited to signal conditioning electronics, wiring, and connectors.

Mechanical Fabrication

Mechanical fabrication will be kept to a minimum. We will need a fixture to hold the motor and encoders. The motor will drive the linear slide, as in the slitmask elevator. Scott Buckley will design and build this, and will take little or none of Mike's time.

Facility Needs

Pneumatic air: provided at various points in the SAL lab area. We will filter it.

Bench area: we need to be assigned some space to use for at least 2 years. Bench, network, pneumatic air. We might consider cleaning out the small shop, currently unused, or some space in the "SHS area".

Specification of the Device

Summary of Actuators, Sensors, and Other Electronics