Interlock Wiring Change


The fix involves 3 PFIS electrical schematics:

A special diagram showing the fix:

The signal name, current and required connections are:

We need to splice each of these 4 wires, creating a "pigtail" that we run to a new location. Below, "Before" represents one of the subject wires. The "After" shows the splice. We've taken an Amp splice part, and crimped it such that there is the input signal wire, the output signal wire, and the new pigtail wire. For the double splice, you'd do a 1-to-3 kind of thing, instead of 1-to-2. Actually, you'd have 2 wires on each end of the splice; one end would have the input signal and one pigtail, the other end would have the output signal and the other pigtail.

The idea is that you identify each of the wires, cut it, and crimp a splice at the cut, adding the pigtail(s).

You must also remove jumpers J1, J2, J3, and J4 from the PSC2 interlock board before turning on the power!