Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Procedure: Control System Turn-On


Jeffrey W Percival

Modification Record
Version Date Comment
1.0 16-Nov-2004 Initial Release
1.1 19-Nov-2004 Use instead of MAX
Add humidity display
1.2 28-Dec-2004 PXI init now incorporated in pfis-gml
1.3 11-Mar-2005 Break out pix-init
add charts
add pfis-init (pneumatic asserts)
add pfis-xor

This procedure fires up the PFIS Control System (PCS) and begins basic data gathering.


  1. Turn on PDS Box power at power entry module (front panel green LED shoud be on)
  2. Restart PCON PC
  3. Log in to PCON PC: username=Administrator password=pfis2salt
  4. Open "My Documents" from the desktop icon
    I like to select the "Folders" option in the top toolbar, to get a two-panel window with a folder list on the left and a file list on the right. This eases navigation through the PCS folder tree.
  5. Navigate to jwp/labview/PCS/; open for easy VI picking; or you can just use folder navigation.
  6. Open 00-System/pxi-init; click run; wait until done
  7. Open 00-System/; click run; now you are gathering data.
    Make sure the run counter on the front panel is incrementing.
  8. Open 00-System/ to see various monitors
  9. Open 00-System/; click run; now you can watch sensors
  10. Turn on PDS Motor and Pneumatic Power switches on PDS Box front panel
  11. Open 00-System/; click run; turn on motor & pneumatic +24V
  12. Open 00-System/; click run; note error conditions
  13. Open 00-System/pfis-init; click run; this forces the push/pull pneumatics into the right state
  14. Open 00-System/pfis-xor again; click run; check for proper state of push/pull pneumatics
  15. Open 00-System/activity-monitor; click run; watch this during PFIS configuration