Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Procedure: Programming the Interlock CPLDs


Donald Michalski
Jeffrey W Percival

Modification Record
Version Date Comment
1.0 18-Jan-2005 Initial Release

Note: the procedure varies slightly between the PSC1 and PSC2 interlock boards. Rather than make two procedures that are 95% the same, this procedure covers both boards; When we come to a choice, we give a little 2-line table with the PSC1 instruction on line 1, and the PSC2 instruction on line 2. The main source of difference is that PSC1 has a single CPLD; PSC2 has 2 CPLDs.


Initial state: all PDS front panel switches off, PCON computer off.

  1. Plug Xilinx pod into PSC Bulkhead connector:
    PSC1 Xilinx pod into PSC1-J0301
    PSC2 Xilinx pod into PSC2-J0401
  2. Turn on PFIS main power.
  3. Select Start>Programs>Xilinx Foundation Series 2.1i>Accessories>JTAG Programmer
  4. If the popup window is not blank, select Edit>Cut to blank it out
  5. Select Edit>Add Device (chip symbol will appear)
  6. Navigate to C:\temp
  7. Select (double click) the file(s):
    Select psc1-1.jed
    Select psc2-1.jed
    Select Edit>Add Device
    Select psc2-2.jed
  8. Below each chip, note "XC95108 <filename>"
  9. Move the vertical cursor to the left of the chip icon[s]
  10. Select Edit>Select All (chip symbols should darken)
  11. Select Operations>Get Device ID; see "Xilinx XC95108 Rev: 0010" for each chip
  12. Click OK to dismiss dialog box
  13. Click OK in JTAG programmer window
  14. Select Operations>Program
  15. Select the "Erase before program" and "Verify" checkboxes
  16. Click OK to start the programming
  17. Operations Status window will show erase, programming, and verify operations. Will show "All operations were completed successfully"
  18. Click OK
  19. Select File>Exit
  20. For "Save changes to...?" click NO
  21. End of programming. Power down PFIS and unplug Xilinx pod from PSC bulkhead.