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XML Concept


Jeffrey W Percival

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This is a concept for the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) documents that will be produced by the PFIS PI Planning Tool (PIPT), stored in the Project Data Base (PDB), and sent to the PFIS Control System (PCS). So you could say this is the SALT PFIS PIPT/PDB/PCS XML (SPPPPX) concept specification

I don't know XML very well yet, so this is "pseudo-xml".

A PFIS Observation would look like this:


PFIS has 3 mutually exclusive mechanical configurations:

One of the following would appear:




Seven procedures suffice to describe PFIS observing styles

The first 3 procedures are alike because they only differ in CCD usage. No PFIS parts are moved during these procedures. The last 4 procedures each operate PFIS mechanisms during the procedure.

Use one of the following:







Example Observations

1. Simple Image, using defaults

2. Simple Image, changing some defaults

3. Simple Grating Spectroscopy

4. High-Speed Grating Spectroscopy

5. Simple Imaging Circular Polarimetry

6. Polarimetric Fabry-Perot Polarimetric Spectroscopy, changing many defaults

PIPT Inputs and Outputs

The PFIS PI Proposal Tool will be embedded in the SALT PIPT. The SALT PIPT will pass parameters describing the observation into the PFIS PIPT. The Phase I PFIS PIPT will simulate a target observation and calculate details such as signal-to-noise ratios, exposure times, and so on. The Phase II PFIS PIPT will produce detailed products such as observation control documents (see above) and slitmask definition files.

PIPT Input:

PIPT Output:

Slitmask Definition Documents

(I forget what Daniel has for this. Until we talk, this is just a starter)