Southern African Large Telescope


Preliminary Design Review


Document Number 3300AE0001:

Description Of The PDR Package


Darragh O’Donoghue

Dave Carter

Geoff Evans

Willie Koorts

James O’Connor

Faranah Osman

Stan van der Merwe


Revision 1.4

04 February 2002




This document describes the PDR Document Package provided for SALTICAM, the Verification Instrument, Acquisition Camera and Science Imager of the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT). Each document is described and the principal author identified (in parentheses). A second set of parentheses gives the file name of the document. For the PDF document set, substitute the suffix .pdf for .doc in the file names. Clicking on the hyperlink associated with the document description is an easy way to open the corresponding document if you are running MS Windows. (This feature will not work, of course, if you are using Acrobat Reader to read PDF files). Each of the documents is self-contained, with this html document acting as a road map.



Finding Your Way Around


A succinct list of the documents in the set appears below and is reproduced in the file called 3300AE0002 document list.pdf. Although probably not of much external interest, the version history and dates for each document are also in this file. More importantly, this file also contains a copy of the Table of Contents from each of the other files so that readers can quickly search for description of  a specific item. Ordering of Tables of Contents in this document is as in the Table below. All individual documents have Tables of Contents, of course.


This is the PDR Document List:


File Name



3300AE0001 index.htm

Description of document package


3300AE0002 document list.pdf

PDR document list with version history for each document and collected tables of contents


3300AE0003 description.pdf

Description of the instrument: justification (including scientific) and technical overview


3300AE0004 FPRD.pdf

Functional performance requirements summary document


3300AE0005 OCDD.pdf

Operational concepts definition document


3300AE0006 testing.pdf

Testing and commissioning plan


3300AE0007 management.pdf

Management structure


3300AE0008 SOW.pdf

Statement of work


3300AE0009 schedule.pdf

Instrument schedule


3300AE0010 budget.pdf

Instrument budget


3300AS0002 ICD.pdf

Interface control dossier


3310AE0001 optical.pdf

Optical design document (including filters, grism (if any), optomechanical mounting)


3310AE0002 optical spec.pdf

Appendix to 3310AE0001 optical.pdf: Optical design and material specification (PDF format only)


3320AE0001 mechanical.pdf

Structure and Mechanisms document (structure, filter unit, focus control, FT mask, shutter)


3360AE0001 detector.pdf

CCD and controller performance document


3370AE0001 cryostat.pdf

Cryostat design document


3380AE0001 control.pdf

Subsystem controller document


3390AE0001 software.pdf  

Software document






Key: DOD: Darragh O'Donoghue; GPE: Geoff Evans; JOC: James O’Connor; DBC: Dave Carter; WPK: Willie Koorts


Although not formally part of the Preliminary Design Package, the release also includes the current versions of:


·        SALT Commissioning and Acquisition Instrument Requirements (D.A.H. Buckley, 10 September 2001, Final Version) (SALT-acquisition-commissioning-final2.pdf): David Buckley’s specification for the Commissioning Instrument and Acquisition Camera.


·        SALTICAM Specification (SALTICAM-Spec-Issue-9.pdf): a 45 page document containing a full specification for the instrument, developed by the SALTICAM project team and approved by the SALT Project Team.


These, along with the Statement of Work for SALTICAM (3300AE0008 SOW.pdf) constitute the input from the SALT Project team and Science Working Group, to which the PDR Document Package is a response.


It is recommended that you start with the Description of the Instrument (3300AE0003 description.pdf).



Top Level Documents


Description of the Instrument (O’Donoghue)(3300AE0003 description.pdf)


This document describes SALTICAM at the highest level: what the motivation for the instrument is, along with an overview of the instrument and a brief description of its main components. It also contains links to the current versions of the SALT Commissioning and Acquisition Instrument Requirements and the SALTICAM Specification. In addition, the Instrument Description includes:


●          How the instrument will fulfill its role as a Verification Instrument (so-called VI mode), Acquisition Camera and Science Imager (so-called ACSI mode).


●          Scientific Justification: what science can be carried out with this instrument.


●          Technical overview: top-level description.


●          User Surveys showing the scientific usage planned by the consortium astronomers appearing in the Appendices.



Functional Performance Requirements Document (O'Donoghue)(3300AE0004 FPRD.pdf) 


This document specifies the top-level performance targets for SALTICAM. This summary-style document identifies the performance (image quality, time resolution, throughputs and efficiencies) required to support the modes described in the OCDD.


Operational Concepts Definition Document (O’Donoghue)(3300AE0005 OCDD.pdf) describes the operational modes of SALTICAM and how they address its role as a Verification Instrument, Acquisition Camera and Science Imager.


Testing and Commissioning Plan (O’Donoghue)(3300AE0006 testing.pdf) presents the preliminary testing and commissioning plan. It will be elaborated for the Critical Design Review. The testing refers, item by item, to corresponding sections in the SALTICAM Specification so it is useful to refer to this latter document when reading the Testing and Commissioning Plan.


Management Plan (Evans)(3300AE0007 management.pdf) contains the management plan for the design, construction, delivery, and commissioning of SALTICAM. It discusses resources required, risk and mitigation.


Statement of Work for SALTICAM (Buckley / O’Donoghue)(3300AE0008 SOW.pdf) lists the work to be performed during the design, construction, delivery and commissioning of SALTICAM. This statement has been agreed between the SALTICAM project team and the SALT Project Scientist. It contains milestones, deliverables and describes how the work should be carried out.


Schedule (Evans)(3300AE0009 schedule.pdf) contains the schedule.


Budget (O’Donoghue)(3300AE0010 budget.pdf)  contains the budget, including costs for labor, materials, capital equipment, travel, and overhead.



Technical Documents:


It may be helpful to get an overview of these (and their numbering) by referring to the Hardware Breakdown Structure reproduced at the end of this document.


Interface Control Document


SALT Payload ICD (SALT Project/Koorts)(3300AS0002 ICD.pdf)


This document describes the interface between SALTICAM and the SALT Observatory. Included are optical, mechanical, electrical, coolant, thermal and control interfaces.





Optical Design (O’Donoghue)(3310AE0001 optical.pdf) 


This document presents the preliminary optical design of SALTICAM. The approach to the design is discussed, including materials used, and the route to the current design described. Coating, optical specifications for each optical element, opto-mechanical considerations and design, tolerancing, and a fabrication plan are also outlined.


3310AE0002 optical spec.pdf is the Appendix to 3310AE0001 optical.pdf and contains numerical information about the optical design, as well as lens element drawings and specifications for optical blank material procurement. It is available only as a PDF document.




Detector And Cryostat


The Detector Document (O'Donoghue)(3360AE0001 detector.pdf) presents a design study describing the performance of the CCD detectors and their controller. It feeds into the FPRD and OCCD.


The Cryostat Document (O'Connor)(3370AE0001 cryostat.pdf) describes the thermal and mechanical design of the cryostat.



Mechanical: Structure and Mechanisms


Structure and Mechanisms Document (O'Connor)(3320AE0001 mechanical.pdf)


This document describes the mechanical structure and mechanisms for all moving parts in SALTICAM, including filter unit, shutter, frame transfer mask and focus control. Both the Verification Instrument and Acquisition Camera/Scientific Imager mechanical components are discussed.





Control (Carter/Koorts)(3380AE0001 control.pdf)


This document describes the manner in which the subsystem controller will control the circuitry and motors that operate the various mechanisms.


Software (Carter/O’Donoghue)(3390AE0001 software.pdf)


This document describes the software architecture planned for SALTICAM.



SALTICAM Hardware Breakdown Structure