WUPPE Atlas - WUPPE Filter Data Field Descriptions

WUPPE Filter Data Field Descriptions

Target - Common name of target.

Date - Date of observation (GMT) in the form YYMMDD (YY-Year, MM-Month, DD-Day).

ExpT - Exposure time in seconds

Wav - Central wavelength of bandpass (in Angstroms)

Wav1 - Starting wavelength of bandpass (in Angstroms)

Wav2 - Ending wavelength of bandpass (in Angstroms)

WUPPE synthetic filter polarimetry is WUPPE spectropolarimetric data passed through 200A wide rectangular bandpasses centered at 1600A, 1800A, 2000A, 2200A, 2600A, 2800A and 3000A (2400A is not included because it is in the "glitch" area). WUPPE synthetic filter wavelength ranges are:

%Q - Stoke's Q parameter in percentage

%U - Stoke's U parameter in percentage

%Err - Percent error for data

%Pol - Percent polarization

PA - Position Angle of polarization

Pub - Reference code for publications if data is published, see List of Publications on WUPPE Home page

Cal - Polarization calibration code for identifying specific calibration issues

Comments - Any remaining comments that may be specific to listed data

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