WUPPE Atlas - WUPPE Target Header Field Descriptions

WUPPE Target Header Field Descriptions

Name1 - Common name of target.

Name2 - Alternate name of target.

Obj Type - Type of object.

Sp Type - Spectral Type of object.

V - V magnitude of object.

RA - Right ascension (hh mm ss) 1950 epoch.

Dec - Declination (sdd mm ss) 1950 epoch.

Astro - Astro mission - 1 (December 1990) or 2 (March 1995).

#Obs - Number of useful WUPPE observations

Ref - Publication Reference (J=Refereed Journal, C=Conference Proceedings, A=AAS Abstract)

QL - Quality of polarimetry (SC=affected by scattered light; DP=affected by Droop; LO= Low Signal/Noise data; VL=Very Low Signal/Noise data)

Optical - Supporting Optical Polarimetry from Wisconsin Halfwave Polarimeter (HPOL), the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT), Mount Lemmon (LEMM) or Mario Magalhaes (MAGAL) for southern hemisphere objects

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