Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Spares List


Jeffrey W Percival

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1.0 18-Mar-2003 CDR Version

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Our spares strategy is to provide spares for those items that can reasonably be expected to be needed to commission and operate PFIS.


We will not provide any spare optics.


We have selected standard actuators (pneumatics and motors) from large and well-known suppliers. Replacements are easily available, and spares will not be provided.


We have selected sensors from a small number of well-known suppliers, and replacements are easily available. We will supply a selection of Hall effect sensors and reed switches as spares for installed items.

COTS Electronics

We will provide spares for the following bought-out items:

Custom Electronics

We will have custom electronics boards in the PFIS control system. The boards include interlock electronics (using programmable logic devices) and signal conditioning electronics for analog sensors and other devices.

Our printed circuit board (PCB) vendor ships board orders in lots of 5 or 10 pieces. We will populate 2 boards of each order: one to be installed in the PFIS control system, and another as a spare. We will also provide the remainder of the board lot (unpopulated) for future use.