Southern African Large Telescope

Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph

Miscellaneous Project Documents

1000AA0030 - SALT Safety Analysis

1000AS0007 - System Specification

1000AS0016 - Project Computer Names and Numbers

1000AS0031 - Axes & Calibration Definitions

1000AS0040 - Operational Requirements

1000BD0001 - Document and Equipment Numbers

1000BP0076 - Commissioning and Test Plan

1000BS0010 - Software Standard

1000BS0044 - LabVIEW Coding Standard

1510AS0001 - Tracker Specification (Draft)

1520AS0001 - Payload Specification

1520AS0002 - PFIS ICD versions 1, 3-March, and 3-May (MS Word or PDF)

1523AS0001 - SAC Specification

1524AA0002 - Guidance & Focus - Generic Optical Layout

1524AS0001 - Guidance System Specification

15??AS0001 - Instrument Calibration System Specification

1700AS0001 - TCS Specification

1700BP0009 - TCS Software Development Plan

1732AE0008 - TCS Observation Planning Tools Software Design Document

1732AS0004 - PI Planning Tool Software Specification

1732AE0009 - Science Data Base Software Design Document (and drawing)

1741AE0004 - TCS Software Design Document

Un-numbered Documents

Investigation of Focussing and Autoguiding for SALT I & II (Menzies)

SALT Payload ICD (Rev C & D)

SALT Calibration Requirements and CCD Issues (Buckley, 09-Apr-2002)

SALT Commissioning and Acquisition Instrument Requirements (Buckley, 19-Mar-2001)

SALT Observatory Science Requirements (Buckley, 31-May-2000)

Mysterious "web observing" document