ST5000 Quick Start

Change Log
Version Date Comments
1.0 11-Jun-2003 Initial Release
1.1 26-Sep-2003
1.2 19-Feb-2011 Misc. updates

This page gets you going on the ST5000 without having to know every detail.

When the ST5000 starts up, it is waiting for commands on the serial line. You send commands using the View->Uplink panel. Clicking buttons on the uplink panel causes text commands to be sent down the serial line. There is a text entry widget for typing commands yourself.

Typical Tracking Usage
Command Comment
lis enable Solve for the attitude on the next acquire
acquire enable Acquire stars and begin tracking
acquire disable Stop tracking, go back to idle

Typical Attitude Determination Usage
Command Comment
rama take Grabs a frame into RAM buffer A
acquire Performs a single acquisition, and builds the star list.
lis Perform a single attitude determination. Results are visible in the GUI's "Attitude" window. Repeat these 3 commands as needed. You may need to adjust the exposure time, amplifier gain, or electronic shutter to get a good acquisition.

Typical Progressive Image Transmission Usage
Command Comment
tlm disable Turn off the telemetry frame sender. It coexists uneasily with PIT.
ramb take Grabs a frame into RAM buffer B
pit Runs PIT once
tlm enable Renable telemetry if you like