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Using the ST5000
Telemetry and Image Formats
System Administration
Design Details
Legacy Documents
Change Log
Change Log
Version Date Comments
1.0 28-Aug-2003 Initial Release
1.1 03-Sep-2003 Add Embedded tlm
1.2 03-Oct-2006 Add FOV spreadsheet
1.3 28-Oct-2004 Add CACS Packet
1.4 10-May-2005 Add HRTB
1.5 29-Aug-2006 Configure IRQs
1.6 23-Oct-2006 Add s/w re-host
1.7 19-Jun-2007 Update comms diagram
1.8 31-Aug-2007 Change NIACS to CACS
1.9 02-Aug-2010 Add CSBF (Balloon) Formats
1.10 14-Dec-2010 Add Blob Mode
1.11 16-Mar-2011 Add Front Panel Connectors
1.12 28-May-2012 Add ST5252D Spec
1.13 29-May-2012 Add Custom Catalogs
1.14 24-Jun-2012 Add saved params
1.15 06-Feb-2014 Improved navigation
1.16 08-May-2014 Remove more old stuff