ST5000 Flights

Summary of ST5000 Flights
Flight # Rocket # PI MM Date Hardware Status
1 36.172 Nordsieck (UW)
12-Apr-1999   Success (Mark I unit, flown once but did good enough!)
2 36.188 Harris (UW) R. Weaver 05-Dec-2001 H001 B001 Mark II First flight, lens failure
3 12.054 Krause (NSROC) T. Gass 13-Apr-2004 H002 B001 Success.
4 12.056 Krause (NSROC) B. Payne 23-Sep-2004 H002 B001 ACS problems - no tracking.
5 12.061 Krause (NSROC)
24-Nov-2004 H002 B001 Vehicle failure.
6 12.058 Costello (NSROC) B. Scott 22-May-2006 H001 B001 Wiring problems outside ST5000.
7 36.224 Cash (CU) B. Scott 21-Nov-2006 H002 B001 Focus issues, but still success.
8 12.059 Costello (NSROC) B. Scott 20-Jun-2007 H001 B002 Perfect.
9 36.220 UG McCandliss (JHU) D. Brooks 12-Aug-2007 H001 B001 Perfect. Sub-arcsecond errors.
10 36.243 UG McCandliss (JHU) B. Payne 10-Jan-2008 H002 B002 Perfect. Sub-arcsecond errors.
11 36.207 DG Kowalski (Cruddace) (NRL) T. Gass 20-Oct-2008 H001 B002 Perfect.
12 36.226 UG Bock II (JPL) B. Payne 12-Feb-2009 H005 B001 CIBER (Off-axis flathead,) Perfect. Got all 7 targets.
13 36.244 UG Green (CU) B. Payne 27-Jun-2009 H001 B001 Perfect. RMS errors often < 0.5"
14 36.252 UH Cash (CU) R. Weaver 13-Nov-2009 H002 B002 Mission Page. Perfect. Inertial attitude in 6.5 seconds.
15 36.270 UG Green (CU) N. Cranor
21-May-2010 H001 B005 DICE Perfect. RMS errors often < 0.5", LIS in 2s
16 36.265 UG Bock (JPL) B. Payne 10-Jul-2010 H008 B001 CIBER (Off-axis flathead) Perfect. Got all 7 targets.
17 36.257 UG Green (CU) N. Cranor 28-Jan-2011 H001 B001 FIRE Perfect. Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska, M51. See the movie!
The tracker is missing. No it isn't! After 20 months, someone came across it in the wilderness. Look here!
18 36.256 UE Bailey (VT) N. Cranor 04-Feb-2011 H002 B005 PolarNOx @ Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska, staring at Spica through the atmosphere!
Air glow layer! Aurora! Meteor! Satellite! See the movie!
19 36.225 UG Chakrabarti (BU) C. Power 08-Oct-2011 H006 B002 PICTURE Perfect. LIS in 3 seconds.
The ST5000 shot the target straight into their 10 arcsecond aperture. BU team was impressed.
20 36.274 UH Cash (CU) D. Brooks 10-Dec-2011 H007 B005 EXOS Comprehensive success?
21 36.277 UG Bock (JPL) D. Jennings 22-Mar-2012 H005 B006 CIBER Perfect! Got all 7 targets.
First flight of the new Geode CPU, no catalog trimming, fast LIS!
22 36.260 UG Cook (UMass) J. Scott 21-Nov-2012 H002 B007 IMAGER Perfect! Got all 4 roll angles. Comprehensive success?
23 36.271 UG France (CU) N. Cranor 21-Apr-2013 H007 B006 SLICE Perfect! Got all 4 targets. Sub-arcsecond RMS tracking.
See the launch!
24 36.268 UG McCandliss (JHU) R. Kiefer 11-May-2013 H008 B002 FORTIS Perfect! Sub-arcsecond RMS tracking. Bad landing.
25 40.030 UG Bock (JPL) D. Jennings 05-Jun-2013 H005 B005 CIBER-4 Into the ocean! Complete success! 11 targets! See the launch!
26 36.296 UG McCandliss (JHU) T. Gass 20-Nov-2013 H014 B002 FORTIS Comet ISON! Perfect! Dead on pointing.
See the Science Channel video and the UW Star Tracker video.
27 36.261 UG Clarke (BU) R. Kiefer 26-Nov-2013 H013 B006 VeSpR Venus! Great flight! Great data.
28 36.235 US Harris (LPL) R. Kiefer 03-May-2014 H012 B007 HYPE Great flight! Two targets, good tracking. No science.
29 36.285 UG France (CU) D. Jennings 23-May-2014 H011 B006 CHESS Great flight! Two targets, very nice attitude determination!
30 36.292 UH McEntaffer (U Iowa) R. Kiefer 02-May-2015 H013 B006 OGRESS (Also) Great Flight! First flight of the Level 9 Triangular Mesh!
31 36.293 UG Chakrabarti (UMass Lowell) D. Jennings 24-Nov-2015 H007 B003 PICTURE-B Great Flight! Sub-arcsecond tracking.
32 36.312 UG McCandliss (JHU) B. McKinlay 17-Dec-2015 H014 B007 FORTIS Great Flight! Right on Target.
33 36.297 UG France (CU) D. Jennings 21-Feb-2016 H013 B002 CHESS-2 Great Flight! Dead on.
34 36.302 UE Bailey (VT) B. McKinlay 27-Jan-2017 H014 B013 PolarNOx @ Poker Flat Research Range.
Great sub-arcsec tracking! We have movies, one on the upleg, as the Earth limb moves out of the field of view, and one on the downleg, as it moves back in.
35 36.323 UG France (CU) E. Roper 26-Jun-2017 H011 B006 CHESS-3 Great Flight! Perfect Tracking and Science!
36 36.311 UG Green (CU) B. McKinlay 30-Oct-2017 H012 B012 DEUCE ACS landed outside the trimmed catalog! See the movie!
37 36.330 UH McEntaffer (U Iowa) T. Gass 04-Apr-2018 H002 B002 WRX-R (Water Recovery X-ray Rocket) at Kwajalein Atoll! Perfect!
38 36.333 UG France (CU) M. Danowski 16-Apr-2018 H007 B006 CHESS-4 at Kwajalein Atoll! Perfect!
36.245 UH Figueroa (MIT) M. King 02-Feb-2018   Micro-X
36.281 UG Bock (JPL) E. Roper 26-Jun-2018   CIBER-2
36.298 UH McEntaffer (U Iowa) T. Gass 01-Nov-2018   OGRE
36.331 UG Green (CU) E. Roper 01-Dec-2018   DEUCE
36.324 US Harris (LPL) T. Gass 19-Apr-2019   SHIELDS