ST5000 Analog-to-Digital Channels

The ST5000 has 2 8-channel 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converters. We use them to monitor the hardware.

ST5000 Analog-to-Digital Channels
Name ADC Channel Measurement
AIN0 1 0 +28V Voltage Monitor, 0-50V
AIN1 1 4 +28V Current Monitor, 0-2.5A
AIN2 1 1 +5V Monitor, 0 to 10V
AIN3 1 5 +12V Monitor, 0 to 24V
AIN4 1 2 -12V Monitor, 0 to -24V
AIN5 1 6 Head Temperature, -40C to +85C
AIN6 1 3 Base Temperature, -40C to +85C
AIN7 1 7 Power Supply Temperature, -40C to +85C
AIN8 2 0 CPU Temperature, -40C to +85C
AIN9 2 4 Pitch Error Monitor, +6V to -6V
AIN10 2 1 Yaw Error Monitor, +6V to -6V
AIN11 2 5 Roll Error Monitor, +6V to -6V
AIN12 2 2 Star Magnitude Monitor, 0V to 5V
AIN13 2 6 +5V Current Monitor, 0A to 5A
AIN14 2 3 +12V Current Monitor, 0A to 0.5A
AIN15 2 7 -12V Current Monitor, 0A to 0.5A

The temperatures are measured with the AD590 temperature transducer.

Here are macros to convert the 0-4095 range of inputs into physical units:

#define VTM(x) ((x)*(2.5/4096))
#define AIN0(x) (20.0*VTM(x))
#define AIN1(x) (VTM(x))
#define AIN2(x) (+4.0*VTM(x))
#define AIN3(x) (+9.6*VTM(x))
#define AIN4(x) (-9.6*VTM(x))
#define T1(x) (50*VTM(x)-40)
#define AIN5(x) (T1(x))
#define AIN6(x) (T1(x))
#define AIN7(x) (T1(x))
#define AIN8(x) (T1(x))
#define ACS_MONITOR(x) (6 - 4.8*VTM(x))
#define AIN9(x) (ACS_MONITOR(x))
#define AIN10(x) (ACS_MONITOR(x))
#define AIN11(x) (ACS_MONITOR(x))
#define AIN12(x) (+2.0*VTM(x))
#define AIN13(x) (+2.0*VTM(x))
#define AIN14(x) (+0.2*VTM(x))
#define AIN15(x) (-0.2*VTM(x))