ST5000 Digital Input Bits

Change Log
Version Date Comments
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 08-Mar-2012 Eliminate MkII items

ST5000 MarkIID Digital Input Bits

Bit ID Mark IID Name Comment
0x80 CMD7 TST-ENA-L Flight/Test bit
0x40 CMD6 PIT-ENA-L Do PIT after Acquire
0x20 CMD5 LIS-ENA-L Do LIS after Acquire
0x10 CMD4 ACQ-CMD-L Acquire and track now
0x08 CMD3 BLOBMODE-L Use Blob Mode when acquiring
0x04 CMD2 LIS-TST-L Fake a LIS for the air bearing
0x02 CMD1 ACS-ENA-L Enable short packets to the ACS
0x01 CMD0 HRTB-L Send High Rate Track Boxes