ST5000 RAM Status Bits

These bits control the two image RAMs (A & B). RAM A is typically used for tracking, and RAM B is typically used for PIT.

ST5000 RAM Status Bits
Bit Name Comment
0x00000001 RAM_ENABLED RAM will be filled on the next grab
0x00000002 RAM_TAKE N/A
0x00000004 RAM_TAKING RAM is being filled
0x00000008 RAM_COPY N/A
0x00000010 RAM_COPYING RAM is being copied into main memory
0x00000020 RAM_SAVE N/A
0x00000040 RAM_SAVING RAM is being saved to disk
0x00000080 RAM_SEND N/A
0x00000100 RAM_SENDING RAM is being sent over the serial line
0x00000200 RAM_STATS Calculating statistics on the RAM
0x00000400 RAM_LOAD N/A
0x00000800 RAM_LOADING Archived sky image being loaded into RAM
0x00001000 RAM_TEST N/A
0x00002000 RAM_TESTING Doing Write/Reads to test RAM bits
0x00004000 - -
0x00008000 - -